Zero Fatalities, A Goal We Can All Live With

What should be our goal?

We asked random people on the street a few questions about traffic safety. Their responses weren't scripted, but they all said the same thing in the end - Our goal should be Zero Fatalities.
*Footage courtesy, Nevada DOT

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What Is Zero Fatalities

Zero Fatalities is a mutual effort from various states addressing the top behaviors that are killing people on America's roads. The focus varies by state, but include behaviors such as drowsy driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, impaired driving, and not buckling up.

Within each state, various organizations contribute to the success of the Zero Fatalities program, including state departments, organizations and private businesses.

This extensive public education program is designed to convince adults, teens, children, community, business and political leaders why Zero Fatalities is the only number of deaths our nation should strive to achieve.

Drivers are adopting this philosophy through powerful TV and radio commercials, community events, web content, and local media stories. The Zero Fatalities program has been presented to and received endorsements from politicians, planning organizations, law enforcement officials, drivers ed instructors, high school counselors and students, private businesses, city administration, and other community leaders. We would like your support as well.

Why Zero Fatalities?

The intent is to alter the public's current perception that traffic fatalities are an inevitable reality that must be accepted. Instead, by making minor changes to our driving behaviors, our roads will become safer for drivers and passengers. We can prevent the deaths of thousands of people.

Traffic fatalities are preventable - not inevitable, yet they are the leading cause of death for children, for teens, and for everyone between 3 and 33 years old. How many crashes can be prevented each year if everyone in the car is properly restrained, or not drunk, or drowsy, or speeding?

We understand that we may not be able to affect things globally, but each of us already has the goal of Zero Fatalities for our families and loved ones. If everyone adopted that philosophy, they'd understand why ZERO is the only goal that we could or should shoot for.

When someone in our community is killed from a violent crime, the result is breaking news coverage, public outcries and a concerted effort to shun those who committed such a crime. However, when someone causes a fatal crash by falling asleep at the wheel, driving recklessly or unbuckled, too often, our community just accepts it as just a "tragic accident." Why? The loss of just one life is unacceptable. We need to be as vigilant at ridding our communities of unsafe driving behavior, just as we do with violent criminals.

How Can Your State Get Involved?

Several states have asked to use the Zero Fatalities television ads, print creative, and other elements of the program. We welcome that, as we have seen positive success with the Zero Fatalities message in Utah.

The Zero Fatalities program can be easily adapted to suit the needs of other states with slight modifications, such as identifying the top contributors to fatalities in your state, adding your logo to the creative elements, etc.

The founders of Zero Fatalities have made it easy for states to adopt and implement the Zero Fatalities program. Much of the costs and lessons learned from beginning a program like this have already been worked through. States can have a proven, comprehensive program at a fraction of the cost of starting such efforts from scratch. To find out how your organization can help spread the message of Zero Fatalities, e-mail us at

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